The Marmite Collection – Versace Collaboration

Very happy with our purchases!

So I went to Dubai for the launch of Versace at H&M in Dubai Mall. I call it the marmite collection as people either loved it or hated it obviously I was deeply in love with it to travel for 10 hours! My original plan was to camp from about 5 am to ensure I got everything that was on my list but thankfully a beautiful and kind fellow blogger Aysha from Pretty Fashion Forward invited me to join her for the preview before the store opened…….. RESULT!!

I arrived at the store at 7.45 am and there was already people in the store so it was a manic rush down the stairs and complete insanity like I have only ever experienced at a Take That concert!

Now the rules on the H&M website states that shoppers would only have 10 minutes to shop and that they would only be allowed to purchase 1 piece of each item, well not in Dubai, oh no they make their own rules! I gathered all my wish list items into a shopping basket and joined the line for the fitting rooms….. yes in Dubai we had the pleasure of trying on the items before buying. Since in my head I am still a size 8 but in reality I am a 10 I managed to get a perfect fit by trying on both sizes and accepting that life in Jordan is indeed making me expand. Really I wish I had of recorded the women in the fitting rooms I have never seen so much bartering in my life and also so much begging because of course people were buying 5 of the same item due to Dubai rules:-) One lady spent 19,000 AED so roughly around 4,000 Euros! Another lady fainted and wait for it………. got sick in a Versace bag oh the horror! I am sure somebody still bought that bag sick and all!

Thankfully I got everything that I wanted except the bed spread because as an expat who seems to be in a new country every 5 minutes it just isn’t practical… I got a pillow though to compensate which I had great fun taking on 2 flights bag to Jordan. Clothing I got was 2 dresses and leggings and accessories the scarf, a pink belt and the panther choker which I am thinking to wear to mass on Christmas Day in Dublin:-) News is in now that Versace will also have an online collection for SS 2012 and from the pictures I have seen so far I don’t think I will be quite as excited but its early days.

Wishful thinking, dreaming and internet rumors that Tom Ford was in line for the next in store collaboration were crushed with the announcement of Marni hitting the shelves in March. Thanks to Donatella I have enough print in my wardrobe for quite a while so will pass on this collection although all the pictures are yet to be released so watch this space! It is a girls prerogative to change her mind after all.

I have to really thank my husband for allowing me take the credit card with approval to get whatever I wanted, I did get him some stocking filers also though being the good wife that I am …… Thanks Rob x

And thank you Aysha and her friend Tania for the invite and great company to share the excitement with, go and check her blog at

And sorry I didn’t take more pictures at the event all my hands were full:-)

Suitable for Christmas Day?

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