Fill Your Cup

Because you can’t really sleep when the baby sleeps ( stupidist saying ever anyway ) when you have your second baby and your toddler drops the nap it becomes even more important to sneak a bit of time for self care in to your life. 

One day back in April I had the very lovely Ruth Brophy from Intimo come to visit me at home with her magical selection of lingerie and wardrobe staples. More important she came with her measuring tape although with a look up and down she could tell my size, probably more than I could as I was in denial about my post baby size at the time! 

So what has this got to do with self care? Well let me tell you that the thoughts of heading in to a department store to get fitted for a bra with a new baby and a toddler is not self care that’s going to equal a bottle of wine having to be drunk after that experience. Having somebody come to your home and make you feel a million dollars is more of a step in the right direction. 

As a breastfeeding mama I get so sick of wearing nursing bras without the oomph and miss feeling good in some good lingerie.I had reached a point that I did not need to have breast pads in my bra so why not get a bit of underwire on the go, you know for special occasions like going to Kmart! Let me tell you hubby was quick to notice the new bra even on under a jumper. Everything was a bit more together and lifted like it should be.  Somebody asked in my mothers group what happens to your boobs after breastfeeding and somebody replied saying it’s like folding stretched out play doh into a bra. Probably the best description I had heard. 

I have always stressed the importance of wearing a good fitting bra but honestly I hate going to be measured especially since having kids so having Ruth come to my house was wonderful. Ruth can also zoom which is similar to Skype and FaceTime after sending you a measuring tape and do a consult this way. The benefit of not having to try on undies in a department store is being at home in your own home with better lighting and you can also try clothes  over your chosen selection. 

Intimo was quite new to me and I was quite sceptical about trying it for some crazy reason ( I think I was worried about being pressured in to buying loads which I wasn’t ) but what I do know is when I wear my Intimo I feel a million times better than in my crop tops I had been living in. I had forgotten about myself and my needs to feel good. Us Mammy’s tend to do that but ladies fill your cup in every sense so you can then pour what you need because you can’t look after anybody else if you are not looking after yourself. Look good and feel better.

Lou x 

You can contact Ruth at


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