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Let’s talk about emotional health. There are so many of us trying to pour from empty cups and pushing our feelings under the carpet (this is a very widely used coping strategy in Ireland where I am from). Or wine, oh the wine.

As you know I am so passionate about essential oils and the impact they can have on our health and wellbeing but I was blown away at how much impact these oils can have on our emotional wellbeing.

it so important to recognise the link between our emotional and physical health. Have you ever been so stressed that it made you physically sick? Or so full of anxiety that you developed a pounding headache? I think we have all at some point experienced the link but we often fail to address the emotions and we deal with the physical aspect first.

My doTERRA emotional aromatherapy oils have been getting a pretty decent workout because well life happens and can be a rollercoaster at times, especially with kids. It has also help me address things from my past that were hiding under the carpet and the time was right to start the healing process.The Emotions book has been traveling from the office to the kitchen and to my bedside locker as I learn more about the benefits of oils and how they can help our emotional health and wellbeing.

I choose to wear these oils on my lava necklace and bracelet and on my perfume points. I keep these handy rollers in my bag everywhere I go and whip them out for myself and kids at different times.


So what blends are in the emotional aromatherapy range?

Motivate (Encouraging Blend): When setbacks, disappointments, or a lack of inspiration weigh you down, it is often necessary to regroup in order to restore your confidence, allowing you to find purpose once again. Whether you are trying to muster the motivation to organise your cluttered desk, finish a term paper, or overcome your frustration at work, doTERRA Motivate helps plant positivity within you while melting away cynicism and doubt.

Cheer (Uplifting Blend): Avoiding discouragement and negative emotions can often feel impossible—even with a can-do attitude or optimistic outlook. Like a ray of sunshine, doTERRA Cheer Uplifting Blend can help dispel heavy emotions by providing a positivity boost using a fresh, bright aroma that promotes feelings of optimism and cheerfulness.

Passion (Inspiring Blend): When life starts to feel stale and predictable, we often lose our vigour, purpose, and passion for living. Whether you are looking to revive enthusiasm for your current circumstances, or reach beyond your comfort zone, doTERRA Passion Inspiring Blend can help give you the extra spark necessary to rekindle the flame of excitement in your life.


Forgive (Renewing Blend): It can be difficult to live a life of contentment when feelings of anger, betrayal, guilt, and negativity hang like a dark cloud over your head. These emotions often lead to excess stress and can dampen any effort to achieve feelings of peace or forgiveness. When embarking on the path to forgiveness, doTERRA Forgive Renewing Blend is an encouraging companion that will help you remember to let go and keep moving forward.

Console (Comforting Blend): Hidden sorrows and overwhelming grief can wear on the soul, often leaving us feeling hopeless and melancholy. Sadness can become all-consuming and will affect well-being if we let it. doTERRA Console Comforting Blend works to engender feelings of comfort by wrapping the user in an essential oil “hug” of floral and tree scents.

Peace (Reassuring Blend): When feelings of fear and anxiousness creep into our minds, we seek for peace and reassurance from many sources. Though it can be difficult to remain calm and composed in our hectic, unpredictable world, doTERRA Peace Reassuring Blend provides an escape from discontent and worry.


If you would like any help or advice on how essential oils can help your emotional health please do get in contact with me.

Louise x



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