My Oily Journey


So I started using essential oils exactly 2 years ago when another mum contacted me on my Irish Mammy group. Winter had been at the hospital at least twice a month and so she messaged me asking for me to try essential oils. As a mum desperate for anything (including what I thought to be voodoo oils) I gave them a go.

Proof is in the pudding! Winter stopped getting random viruses and so for the past 2 years I have been adding more oils to my collection and now make most of my own beauty products and cleaning products. I am on a mission to help everybody do what I do and start reading labels more. Last month I took the plunge and became a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA so stay tuned for loads of fun posts and recipes to show you how you can use these oils in your life!


I Got This 

Spend hours on Pinterest looking at how to organise the kids toys and for interior design ideas and end up like this. 

Fill Your Cup

Because you can’t really sleep when the baby sleeps ( stupidist saying ever anyway ) when you have your second baby and your toddler drops the nap it becomes even more important to sneak a bit of time for self care in to your life. 

One day back in April I had the very lovely Ruth Brophy from Intimo come to visit me at home with her magical selection of lingerie and wardrobe staples. More important she came with her measuring tape although with a look up and down she could tell my size, probably more than I could as I was in denial about my post baby size at the time! 

So what has this got to do with self care? Well let me tell you that the thoughts of heading in to a department store to get fitted for a bra with a new baby and a toddler is not self care that’s going to equal a bottle of wine having to be drunk after that experience. Having somebody come to your home and make you feel a million dollars is more of a step in the right direction. 

As a breastfeeding mama I get so sick of wearing nursing bras without the oomph and miss feeling good in some good lingerie.I had reached a point that I did not need to have breast pads in my bra so why not get a bit of underwire on the go, you know for special occasions like going to Kmart! Let me tell you hubby was quick to notice the new bra even on under a jumper. Everything was a bit more together and lifted like it should be.  Somebody asked in my mothers group what happens to your boobs after breastfeeding and somebody replied saying it’s like folding stretched out play doh into a bra. Probably the best description I had heard. 

I have always stressed the importance of wearing a good fitting bra but honestly I hate going to be measured especially since having kids so having Ruth come to my house was wonderful. Ruth can also zoom which is similar to Skype and FaceTime after sending you a measuring tape and do a consult this way. The benefit of not having to try on undies in a department store is being at home in your own home with better lighting and you can also try clothes  over your chosen selection. 

Intimo was quite new to me and I was quite sceptical about trying it for some crazy reason ( I think I was worried about being pressured in to buying loads which I wasn’t ) but what I do know is when I wear my Intimo I feel a million times better than in my crop tops I had been living in. I had forgotten about myself and my needs to feel good. Us Mammy’s tend to do that but ladies fill your cup in every sense so you can then pour what you need because you can’t look after anybody else if you are not looking after yourself. Look good and feel better.

Lou x 

You can contact Ruth at


Here Come The Girls

 Do you remember not long ago I was raving about The Ladybird Market? Well exciting news! The Ladybird Market is launching a pop up store opening tomorrow! 
So what is all the fuss? Lisa Hurley the woman behind the concept is out in full force supporting and promoting local women with handmade business in Western Australia. I am so passionate about women empowering women in our world that can sometimes be so cruel that the idea of us as women out supporting each other always gets my support! Another is supporting local business it is so important! 

The Ladybird Market is opening at The Mezz in Mount Hawthorn, Perth. Opening Tues-Sat 9.30am – 5pm and Sun 11am – 2pm 

Please support The Ladybird Market and everything it stands for! 


The Milk Bar Is Open


Rejoice breastfeeding mothers there is a new label that has actually designed wearable and stylish breastfeeding clothes.

I would like to introduce AANI, thank you thank you thank you Leanne Collova for designing a range that we can still feel good in and with easy access to get a boob out when needed! And a big hate of mine is fabric that could burst into flames if near a naked flame! We live in Australia, it gets hot and you get this!

I stumbled across the brand at the Pregnancy and Baby Fair in Perth last month. To look at the stand it almost looked out of place because it just does not look like breast-feeding clothes. Yes the price point is higher than Target but I would rather have 3-4 key capsule pieces than 10 striped dresses that just don’t flatter the body.11728804_1523838817854735_6115124072402975054_o

Aani_6-497x600 Aani_8-410x600

I could go on and on about this range but please go have a look for yourself. You will not be disappointed!

Layer It Up For Charity

slide1Winter is coming! ( hands up if that made you think of Jon Snow? )Well to Australia it is anyway and it is time to dust off the winter layers and wrap up. If you have not got the perfect white shirt you need to pay attention now!

Witchery have a White Shirt Campaign and the funds raised have enabled the OCRF to appoint three full-time research scientists as well as buying vital medical equipment. That is major! Not only raising funds this campaign is undoubtedly raising much needed awareness on Ovarian Cancer and 100% of proceeds from the sale of each white shirt go directly to the OCRF.

So get online to or pop into your local Witchery store and get involved!

Now while I have your attention lets discuss this weather situation, not looking good is it Australia? So now you have your white shirt and it is a little bit chilly here are some inspiration pics on how to layer this capsule wardrobe piece for cooler weather.



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The Ladybird Market

Showcasing women in creative business The Ladybird Market has burst onto the Perth market scene with a fantastic response. Who doesn’t love an opportunity to support local business and find some unique items and meet some talented ladies along the way.

I am very excited to be part of the first market Sunday 12th where I will be sharing my love of Arbonne products and my job as a cruelty free makeup artist. I will be doing mini makeovers on the day plus prizes and special offers running.

Although the market is about showcasing women in business this event is for anybody to attend so get all the family together put it in your diary now and I will see you all there! The Ladybird Market

I Hate The Word Normal

So these mannequins are in Sweden are being called normal size. This has pissed me off and I will tell you why.

Who is the almighty person who decides what normal is? Do I tell my daughter who with our genetics will probably be naturally thin that if she ends up being a size 6-8 that she is not normal. When does it stop? Why hate on any size? We should celebrate every size and I agree it is great to see a variety of sizes in magazines and on mannequins please can we leave the “normal” bit out. IMG_1599.PNG

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