Brow Down To Renee Zellweger


Today I woke up and my Facebook homepage is full of criticism of Renee Zellweger. People genuinely shocked that she looked so different. Really? You think in Hollywood they have the fountain of youth? I think yes there has been a bit of work but I also think that she in fact has possibly dare I say just aged? I think the main problem is her brows, Renee go and treat yourself to a HD Brow! Let’s not forget that Renee is a complete fitness freak and this can actually be quite ageing when taken to extremes.

I am sure Renee Zellweger hates a bad photo just as much as the rest of us! Let’s move on and continue to worry about all dying from Ebola:-)


Not Your Average IPhone Case

I came across Louise Androlia on Facebook and fell in love with this IPhone case, actually I love all the cases. I want Weirdo Forever for my next one! This case reminds me everyday to not try and control every aspect of my life and live in the moment. After suffering with anxiety for the past year and extreme sleep deprivation after my baby this case is just what I needed.

Louise’s vision is quite magical please go and check her out


Milk No Sugar



Jasmine Rocca is 23 years old with 2 children and the owner of Breastmilk Jewellery. Jasmine explains that the jewellery has really appealed to the natural parenting community and the mums who really value the gift of breastfeeding.
“A huge supporter of breastfeeding. It is such an amazing gift and we are so lucky in Australia how much support and information we have on breastfeeding. I do think there is still a way to go though especially with bringing awareness to extended breastfeeding(past 1yr) and all its benefits.
We also offer jewellery made from placenta and ashes. Just the other day I had a lady ask me to make a pendant with her babies ashes. It really is such an honour!
It all started because I had expired breastmilk in the freezer, I was going to chuck it out when I thought, I should try to make something out of this!”

Having spent 12 months breastfeeding my daughter I can fully understand how these items of jewellery could appeal to breastfeeding mothers to recognise the gift in being able to feed our babies.

So happy Australian Breastfeeding Week to you all and please do check out the jewellery on

A big congratulations to Jasmine and Breastmilk Jewellery for her nomination for an AusMumpreneur Award. You have. Lula Land’s vote x

Once Upon A Time In Dubai

Reflecting back today on my time in Dubai. Here is a collection of photos from my time as M.A.C Store Manager, Bloomingdale’s Department Manager and Artdecco Brand Manager. Good times with great people!

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Excuse Me

images-1“Excuse me”, one of my most used phrases since having my baby. I feel invisible because people pretend to not see you coming through with a pram.

Shops including a large percentage of baby shops have not been designed with mothers with prams in mind when planning the layout. My other over used phrase of the moment is “oh sorry” as I knock items off shelves and rails as I walk past in these particular shops. As time goes on I do however care less.

Changing rooms, already a place of dread with bad lighting, curtains that don’t close all the way across and mostly unstaffed so when you need a different size to try you have to shuffle across the store to get one. Well then add a baby in a pram to the mix, it doesn’t often go to well.

So I am on a mission this next month to locate the best mother and baby shopping environments, who is equipped with the best staff and I am even going to use the smaller of all my prams to squeeze through the stores. Who is stocking the best ranges for women with kids in mind? Never mind the breastfeeding mother, that is a whole other blog post!

Ladies we can still be fashionable and we deserve to be able to go out and be counted as a serious shopper with our baby/kids with us instead of being looked at like an inconvenience that just walked in or like I said just invisible.

I would love to hear of some of your experiences shopping with a baby good or bad please!





Coconut Oil Pulling

I have to be honest and say that it is in fact my mother who mentioned oil pulling to me and I just laughed it off at first but in between feeding and changing nappies I have managed to do a bit of research on the subject and decided to give it a go.

So what is oil pulling? Oil pulling is an ancient ayurvedic simple cost effective natural remedy procedure that involves pulling or swishing oil in the mouth for oral and systemic health benefits. It is mentioned in the Ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita where it is called Kavala Gandusha or Kavala Graha and is claimed to cure about 30 systemic diseases ranging from headache, migraine to diabetes and asthma. It is also reported to give the oil puller increased energy, clearer mind and better sleep. as a new mother I am sold to the oil pulling on this alone!

Well I am now on day 2 of oil pulling, my oil of choice is coconut oil and it really isn’t as bad as what I thought it would be. The idea is to swish 2 tablespoons around in the mouth for 20 minutes as soon as you wake up and before you eat or drink anything. Swish swish swish and spit, in the garbage, not in the sink or you may clog the drain, yuck!

As soon as I notice any difference if any at all I will report back on my oil pulling experience.

Vogue Italia Again!!!

Never when I started out as a stylist did I think I would be having my work anywhere near Vogue especially within a year of starting, never mind a second time! Thank you Vogue Italia and to the amazing team that I worked with on this shoot!

Photographer: Tijana Lilic
Mua/Hair: Nicole Forde
Styling: Louise Ashley/Lula Land

Styling assistant: Madison Hall-Staples

Model: Gabby@ Chadwicks