The Shirt Dress

I love a shirt dress, they are so easy to wear and it can be dressed up or down. Belt it or wear it loose. There is one for every body shape. The choices are endless! ZARA is a great destination for a shirt dress it always seems to be a good staple that they keep stocked. I am also loving Hello Parry a local Perth label and their oversized boyfriend shirt which is so versatile and timeless.

With that said here is some shirt dress inspiration!

Sadly this is not me in any of these photos or did I take them. Credit to pinterest.

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Cupcakes And Crafting


I attended a free workshop in Perth, yes that is right I said FREE workshop at Enex100 and hosted by the very stylish and charming radio presenter and creator of Simone Heng.

The task at hand was to recreate the famous tassel earrings that Natalie Portman was seen wearing. While the glue dried we got to eat the most delicious cupcakes by Charles&Violet. These were the best cupcakes I had tasted since Magnolia Cupcakes  in Dubai.

On my visit to Ngala recently to restore sleep in the house we spoke about the importance of self-care when we become mothers and taking time out for ourselves. Normally I am in Enex100 because they actually have one of the best Parents Rooms so it was nice to be minus the baby and having some me time! This was actually the second workshop of its kind I have been lucky enough to attend this year and hope to share all the details about the other one with you soon!

Do keep a lookout on because they have lots of great events running and also don’t forget to visit where you can have a look at all the tutorial videos and find loads of inspiration. Louise xphoto (6) photo (5) photo (3)

Identity Crisis

Oh my goodness I am going to be 35 in January  and I look ridiculous in 90% of my wardrobe. Nobody warned me about this? I thought it was all about looking fabulous over 40? What about mid thirties? What do we do? I hope tomorrow Topshop has the answers and somewhere amongst all the trends are some staple pieces for me, who am I again?

How has this big change happened what I feel like is just overnight? How do I go with confidence and audit clients wardrobes when mine is such a shambles! I need to hire myself quick! Once upon a time I was all boob tube, tiara and glitter. I have over 100 going out dresses when the last time I was out at night I didn’t even know how to turn the lights on in the car because I just do not go out at night anymore!

I feel like I have lost my own personal style as who I still think I am in my head is not who I really am anymore or reflect the lifestyle I lead. All my favourite pieces in my wardrobe are bad fitting and either too short or too “Hello Boys” and not what you want to wear to mothers group. We will not mention the shoes for now.I blame Carrie Bradshaw for wearing a tutu in her 30’s in Sex And The City. False advertising, we can’t all get away with a tutu anymore, sadly.

I have decided on a tough love wardrobe audit and to start a capsule wardrobe for myself, the time has come that this must be done. Can we still be trendy and still be age appropriate? Yes we can.

This mutton does not want to look like a lamb anymore. I might have to however digest this reality with a glass of red.


My 5 Minute Morning Makeup

Well let’s just say I do not have time to do a winged eyeliner now that I have a baby! I have to time my makeup from when I hand her a yogurt and when she finishes it!

With only a few minutes to put my face on and face the world I rely on a few key products to make me feel a bit more presentable to go for my morning coffee.

Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream in medium 10 in 1 beauty benefits, ticks all my boxes!

Arbonne Sheer Glow Highlighter because I was last in line for getting cheekbones.

Arbonne It’s A Long Story Mascara, it was in Vanity Fairs top 10 mascaras for a reason! Amazing!

Arbonne Blush in Taffeta, it’s pink, I like pink

Arbonne Lip Moisturiser with spf because I don’t want prune lips.

NYX Matte Finish setting spray because I am an oily chic and I only like my shine that I add in myself.

Have a great day! And share with me your go to products!


Brow Down To Renee Zellweger


Today I woke up and my Facebook homepage is full of criticism of Renee Zellweger. People genuinely shocked that she looked so different. Really? You think in Hollywood they have the fountain of youth? I think yes there has been a bit of work but I also think that she in fact has possibly dare I say just aged? I think the main problem is her brows, Renee go and treat yourself to a HD Brow! Let’s not forget that Renee is a complete fitness freak and this can actually be quite ageing when taken to extremes.

I am sure Renee Zellweger hates a bad photo just as much as the rest of us! Let’s move on and continue to worry about all dying from Ebola:-)


R.I.P Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta

Sad news in fashion today with the loss of the iconic fashion designer Oscar de la Renta who died age 82. Oscar was one of my all time favourite designers. Famous for his red carpet and evening wear and most recently for designing Ammal Clooney’s wedding gown.

Oscar de la Renta dressed First Ladies to Carrie Bradshaw, can you remember Carrie fainting when Petrovsky handed her the Oscar dress and they ended up dancing in McDonalds? I would faint too if I was given that dress!I

Goodnight Oscar and thank you for so many fashion moments that will live on and inspire.

Sex And The City

Topshop Countdown

keep-calm-topshop-is-coming-411 days to go………………………………….

Will Perth see people camping overnight like in Melbourne? How can I get in to have a look around before everybody else? Can’t wait to show you all the best looks I can find!

Not Your Average IPhone Case

I came across Louise Androlia on Facebook and fell in love with this IPhone case, actually I love all the cases. I want Weirdo Forever for my next one! This case reminds me everyday to not try and control every aspect of my life and live in the moment. After suffering with anxiety for the past year and extreme sleep deprivation after my baby this case is just what I needed.

Louise’s vision is quite magical please go and check her out


ZARA Countdown

The wait is nearly over, only 1 week to go Zara, Garden City will open it’s doors on Thursday, 21 August at 9am to 9pm.

See you there!




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