I’m In Love With A Freak

Azzi Glasser I was back in Dubai last week and one of the events that I attended was for Illamasqua’s first fragrance called Freak on November 16th in Bloomingdales Dubai Mall .Illamasqua has a special place in my heart from when I worked in Bloomingdales and it was one of the brands that I managed.Continue reading “I’m In Love With A Freak”

Bond Street? No honey it’s 84 Bold Street!

I can remember the first time I met Claudia Windle In Ibiza oh so many years ago and thinking wow she is a firework of feathers, bindis, colours and magic! Years later to hear she had set up her own jewellery business “Claudia Pink Jewellery” I was not surprised as her creativity and passion radiatesContinue reading “Bond Street? No honey it’s 84 Bold Street!”