The Milk Bar Is Open


Rejoice breastfeeding mothers there is a new label that has actually designed wearable and stylish breastfeeding clothes.

I would like to introduce AANI, thank you thank you thank you Leanne Collova for designing a range that we can still feel good in and with easy access to get a boob out when needed! And a big hate of mine is fabric that could burst into flames if near a naked flame! We live in Australia, it gets hot and you get this!

I stumbled across the brand at the Pregnancy and Baby Fair in Perth last month. To look at the stand it almost looked out of place because it just does not look like breast-feeding clothes. Yes the price point is higher than Target but I would rather have 3-4 key capsule pieces than 10 striped dresses that just don’t flatter the body.11728804_1523838817854735_6115124072402975054_o

Aani_6-497x600 Aani_8-410x600

I could go on and on about this range but please go have a look for yourself. You will not be disappointed!


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