Layer It Up For Charity

slide1Winter is coming! ( hands up if that made you think of Jon Snow? )Well to Australia it is anyway and it is time to dust off the winter layers and wrap up. If you have not got the perfect white shirt you need to pay attention now!

Witchery have a White Shirt Campaign and the funds raised have enabled the OCRF to appoint three full-time research scientists as well as buying vital medical equipment. That is major! Not only raising funds this campaign is undoubtedly raising much needed awareness on Ovarian Cancer and 100% of proceeds from the sale of each white shirt go directly to the OCRF.

So get online to or pop into your local Witchery store and get involved!

Now while I have your attention lets discuss this weather situation, not looking good is it Australia? So now you have your white shirt and it is a little bit chilly here are some inspiration pics on how to layer this capsule wardrobe piece for cooler weather.



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