Cupcakes And Crafting


I attended a free workshop in Perth, yes that is right I said FREE workshop at Enex100 and hosted by the very stylish and charming radio presenter and creator of Simone Heng.

The task at hand was to recreate the famous tassel earrings that Natalie Portman was seen wearing. While the glue dried we got to eat the most delicious cupcakes by Charles&Violet. These were the best cupcakes I had tasted since Magnolia Cupcakes  in Dubai.

On my visit to Ngala recently to restore sleep in the house we spoke about the importance of self-care when we become mothers and taking time out for ourselves. Normally I am in Enex100 because they actually have one of the best Parents Rooms so it was nice to be minus the baby and having some me time! This was actually the second workshop of its kind I have been lucky enough to attend this year and hope to share all the details about the other one with you soon!

Do keep a lookout on because they have lots of great events running and also don’t forget to visit where you can have a look at all the tutorial videos and find loads of inspiration. Louise xphoto (6) photo (5) photo (3)

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One thought on “Cupcakes And Crafting

  1. Thanks Louise! Glad you enjoyed the workshop and the cupcakes. I have tried the Magnolia cupcakes in Dubai.. a dozen to be exact, and honoured you put my cupcakes in the same category! xx

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