Identity Crisis

Oh my goodness I am going to be 35 in January  and I look ridiculous in 90% of my wardrobe. Nobody warned me about this? I thought it was all about looking fabulous over 40? What about mid thirties? What do we do? I hope tomorrow Topshop has the answers and somewhere amongst all the trends are some staple pieces for me, who am I again?

How has this big change happened what I feel like is just overnight? How do I go with confidence and audit clients wardrobes when mine is such a shambles! I need to hire myself quick! Once upon a time I was all boob tube, tiara and glitter. I have over 100 going out dresses when the last time I was out at night I didn’t even know how to turn the lights on in the car because I just do not go out at night anymore!

I feel like I have lost my own personal style as who I still think I am in my head is not who I really am anymore or reflect the lifestyle I lead. All my favourite pieces in my wardrobe are bad fitting and either too short or too “Hello Boys” and not what you want to wear to mothers group. We will not mention the shoes for now.I blame Carrie Bradshaw for wearing a tutu in her 30’s in Sex And The City. False advertising, we can’t all get away with a tutu anymore, sadly.

I have decided on a tough love wardrobe audit and to start a capsule wardrobe for myself, the time has come that this must be done. Can we still be trendy and still be age appropriate? Yes we can.

This mutton does not want to look like a lamb anymore. I might have to however digest this reality with a glass of red.


Published by Lula Land

Irish mammy in Perth.

3 thoughts on “Identity Crisis

  1. haha im not far off so let me know and please let us see the new wardrobe cos i know I’m getting old because I’m starting to love m&s and never get dresses from most stores because they are to inappropriately short omg I’msoo old saying this

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