Brow Down To Renee Zellweger


Today I woke up and my Facebook homepage is full of criticism of Renee Zellweger. People genuinely shocked that she looked so different. Really? You think in Hollywood they have the fountain of youth? I think yes there has been a bit of work but I also think that she in fact has possibly dare I say just aged? I think the main problem is her brows, Renee go and treat yourself to a HD Brow! Let’s not forget that Renee is a complete fitness freak and this can actually be quite ageing when taken to extremes.

I am sure Renee Zellweger hates a bad photo just as much as the rest of us! Let’s move on and continue to worry about all dying from Ebola:-)


Published by Lula Land

Irish mammy in Perth.

One thought on “Brow Down To Renee Zellweger

  1. I love her brows and her fresh look. She has had an eye lift but that could also be medical as her eyelids are heavy and as you age you tend to lift your head as your lids impair your vision. This causes deterioration in th neck

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