Excuse Me

images-1“Excuse me”, one of my most used phrases since having my baby. I feel invisible because people pretend to not see you coming through with a pram.

Shops including a large percentage of baby shops have not been designed with mothers with prams in mind when planning the layout. My other over used phrase of the moment is “oh sorry” as I knock items off shelves and rails as I walk past in these particular shops. As time goes on I do however care less.

Changing rooms, already a place of dread with bad lighting, curtains that don’t close all the way across and mostly unstaffed so when you need a different size to try you have to shuffle across the store to get one. Well then add a baby in a pram to the mix, it doesn’t often go to well.

So I am on a mission this next month to locate the best mother and baby shopping environments, who is equipped with the best staff and I am even going to use the smaller of all my prams to squeeze through the stores. Who is stocking the best ranges for women with kids in mind? Never mind the breastfeeding mother, that is a whole other blog post!

Ladies we can still be fashionable and we deserve to be able to go out and be counted as a serious shopper with our baby/kids with us instead of being looked at like an inconvenience that just walked in or like I said just invisible.

I would love to hear of some of your experiences shopping with a baby good or bad please!





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Irish mammy in Perth.

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