Coconut Oil Pulling

I have to be honest and say that it is in fact my mother who mentioned oil pulling to me and I just laughed it off at first but in between feeding and changing nappies I have managed to do a bit of research on the subject and decided to give it a go.

So what is oil pulling? Oil pulling is an ancient ayurvedic simple cost effective natural remedy procedure that involves pulling or swishing oil in the mouth for oral and systemic health benefits. It is mentioned in the Ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita where it is called Kavala Gandusha or Kavala Graha and is claimed to cure about 30 systemic diseases ranging from headache, migraine to diabetes and asthma. It is also reported to give the oil puller increased energy, clearer mind and better sleep. as a new mother I am sold to the oil pulling on this alone!

Well I am now on day 2 of oil pulling, my oil of choice is coconut oil and it really isn’t as bad as what I thought it would be. The idea is to swish 2 tablespoons around in the mouth for 20 minutes as soon as you wake up and before you eat or drink anything. Swish swish swish and spit, in the garbage, not in the sink or you may clog the drain, yuck!

As soon as I notice any difference if any at all I will report back on my oil pulling experience.

Published by Lula Land

Irish mammy in Perth.

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