Get Your Paws Up

Don’t you just hate packing for holidays? Excess baggage payments and then still thinking you have nothing to wear? Want to look stylish but be comfortable? Going from the beach to the club but don’t want to carry a change of clothes? Maybe you live in a hot country and are bored with the high street? Planning a festival this summer got nothing suitable? Winter sun or summer planning?

Well for every problem there is a solution and mine is a clothing company called Dancing Leopard. Founded in 2009 by Jade Hildreth and Jack Burrows. Using 100% recycled saree material this brand also gets Lula Land’s eco-friendly seal of approval. The clothes are designed with comfort and versatility taken into consideration. Jade and Jack commit a lot of time in sourcing the finest materials to use and ensure that each item is truly unique.

I have had so much fun in styling my Dancing Leopard collection in different ways and the weather in Aqaba is so changeable at the moment that I have been using my toga from the collection as a scarf! All the clothing is so lightweight with luxurious fabrics that you can look cool on the beach then my choice is always to add some killer heals for night.

Up until now Dancing Leopard has been for sale at selected markets in the UK, Ibiza, Goa and ASOS Marketplace.

Boys don’t feel left out you can also get your paws up with the good news that Dancing Leopard will be releasing a men’s collection this summer! – Be quick it’s on sale!!!


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