1 day to go….Vogue’s Online Fashion Week


British Vogue are having their first Online Fashion Week and it starts tomorrow boys and girls!! Before you think oh well its Vogue I won’t be able to afford anything think again as not only is the week packed with designers there is plenty of high street retailers that will be showing.

So from the 5th – 9th December 2011 you need to make sure your phone/laptop/Ipads are all fully charged so you don’t miss any of the exciting week ahead. If you work in an office I suggest you either tell your boss you have a dodgy stomach and spend the day in the toilet and watch all the action as it happens….. desperate measures I know or call in sick it will be worth it. I hear from the weatherman and a million facebook status updates that it is freezing in Ireland and the UK so the good news is you don’t have to battle the cold and let’s not forget the crowds at this time of year… and do all your shopping online! Yes that is right you can purchase from all the designers/retailers that are participating in Online Fashion Week and drum roll please…………………………. there is great………. actually amazing discounts and special offers available!

On top of all the amazing information that you are currently digesting you should know this, when you register you get to choose a charity of your choice and every purchase you make your charity will benefit, it’s called Give As You Live and well it’s bloody wonderful if you ask me! The charity I have chosen is Asthma UK as my beautiful and fashion obsessed cousin Michelle died at the age of 18 from an attack and who knew that you could die from asthma, well my family and thousands of others have learned the hard way so I hope in time with more research fewer people suffer like Michelle did.

Go to http://www.vogue.co.uk for more information and don’t miss out!!!! And what perfect timing with payday last week:-)

Give As You Live

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