Fruit Bowl

So I have received module 2 of my course which is all about body shapes and fashion terms. I now have the task to be brutally honest about what suits me and my body shape and also what suits my clients! Part of me feels that we should wear whatever we want as long as it makes us feel good but let’s be honest we have all looked back on pictures and thought what was I thinking to wear that!

I started off once upon a time as a ruler pretty much straight up and down then in my twenties I overnight become a cone thanks to a little help from a good Dr:-) Fast forward and now I can go between hourglass or maybe more of an egg timer and an apple and not just any apple a granny smith apple depending on how much red wine has been consumed. One of the most important things I have learned about body shapes is that you can be a size 6-22 and still be any of the 5 body shapes I am studying. I think once we know our body shape we can shop with ease and learn to love the skin we are in rather than going through the pain of trying clothes on and feeling awful in them. So girls work out your body shape list your do’s and don’ts and get ready to shop with confidence. And remember I am here to help if you have any questions x



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